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The Constitution is Ours

Para que la voz ciudadana se escuche en la Convención

The effective participation of citizens in the creation of the new Constitution is one of the great challenges of this process. How can we ensure that people's voices can be heard and reflected in the new Constitution? This is crucial if the new charter is to really fulfil citizens’ aspirations and has the legitimacy to guide the country’s destiny in the coming decades.

The Constitution is Ours (LCeN) is an open and collaborative platform that seeks to defend citizens’ powers. Our objective is to make your proposals visible and connect them with the work of the Constitutional Convention members in Chile, so that we can influence social rights and strengthen democracy together.

You can also find all the relevant information on the Constitution and the participatory mechanisms of the Constitutional Convention in a clear and user-friendly format, as well as various tools for you to develop and promote your proposals.

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