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More than Juanitas

“La señora Juanita” is a deep-rooted metaphor in the collective Chilean unconscious. It represents a universalization of women’s political experience in Chile: a visible and sexist image of the Chilean woman on which norms, policies and programs of “social aid” are based, and on which the political imaginary of all sectors is often centred.

Given the huge risk that conceptual figures like this could taint the constitutional debate, addressing this issue from a perspective that integrates gender, the constitution and ESCE offers an opportunity and a transformative space to deal with the endemic problems of social and economic injustice that affect women and a wide range of people in Chile, with a view to creating a constitutional text with a gender focus.

For this reason, various organisations with many years of experience in feminism or social rights have joined Distrito Global to share stories from Chilean women about how the new Constitution can change their life experiences. With their help, this initiative aims to identify the key elements to making the gender approach universal when it comes to all social rights, to help transform the ways in which these rights are understood and protected.

Read the reflections here

Reflection by Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural (RIMISP)

Reflection by Paula Poblete Maureira, ComunidadMujer

Reflection by Fundación Observatorio de Violencia Obstétrica de Chile (OVO Chile)

Reflection by Danitza Pérez Cáceres, ABOFEM

Reflection by Emilia Vergara, Fundación Niñas Valientes

Reflection by Victoria Cruz Amigo y Eloisa Parra Marin, Fundación Newenko

Reflection by Colectivo Las Tesis

Reflection by Paz María Zúñiga, Centro de Estudios Socio-territoriales de Techo-Chile y Fundación Vivienda

Reflection by Camila Rivera, Colectiva de mujeres afrodescendientes Luanda

Reflection by Anita Peña Saavedra, Mujeres de Zona de Sacrificio en Resistencia

Reflection by Mariela Infante Erazo, Corporación Humanas

Reflection by Celsa Durán, Dirigenta de Campamento Mesana (Valparaíso)

Reflection by Corporación Opción

Reflection by Catalina Bosch Carcuro, Coordinadora Nacional de Inmigrantes / Plataforma Chile Migra

Reflection by Valentina Muñoz Farías, Fundación Mujeres de Mar

Reflection by Bárbara, 13 años

Reflection by Loreto Bravo Fernández, Corporación La Morada

Reflection by Laura Liliana Matus Ortega

Reflection by Francisca Pérez Prado (Corporación La Morada)

Reflection by Paz, 14 años

Reflection by Karina, adulta

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